GSS SOC Infrastructure g-SOC (Albany- NY & Hyderabad - INDIA)

At GSS we have been working on creating a security monitoring service, which can be provisioned easily. We call our SOC setup g –SOC (Global SOC)

We have developed a world class Security Operations Centre, with primary one in US and secondary one in Hyderabad, India. We have created a multi-layered team of security experts, which can monitor security events, analyse them, identify critical incidents and help customers respond to them. This pool of security experts has been trained on variety of tools and processes, which are custom designed to enhance the security monitoring capabilities of customer.

  • 24x7 running security operations center
  • Manned with multi layered security team
  • Secure access to authorized personnel only
  • Recorded entry and exit log of personnel
  • Daily and weekly review of SOC entry & exit
  • Special security measures for data security
  • Preemptive measures against data or info theft

The threats are there, and, they are for real.

Get your organization an ability to identify them and respond to them,
before you are impacted by them.

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