High Value Adding Threat Reporting & Analytics

Our Security Monitoring and Threat Pre-emption Services are based on convenient and flexible subscription model. All of our services through SOC have built-in value additions, such as..

  • Daily Threat Snapshots - DTS (A daily report on security occurrences, incidents and responses)
  • Daily Log Collection Tracking – DLTC (A daily report stating the collection status of all logs from customer environment)
  • Weekly Security Stance Analysis – WSSA (A weekly report on security stance of the customer environment)
  • Monthly Security Operations and Threat Analysis – MSOT (A monthly report on security occurrences, operations and threats)

Sample ReportLog Analysis & Device Report

Sample ReportFirewall Summary Report - Events

Sample ReportFirewall Summary Report - Attacks

Sample ReportFirewall Summary Report - Customer

Sample ReportUser Activity Analysis Report

Sample ReportUser Activity Analysis Report

The threats are there, and, they are for real.

Get your organization an ability to identify them and respond to them,
before you are impacted by them.

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